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the room test sites and the twenty three suspected north korean grounds recently discovered south korea's defence minister for first time ever vigilant against new security threats. a fix up or japan amid a dispute with china over startle and territorial issues of south korea a country also mired in diplomatic route with it and tightens its bonds with aj. a promising lead to the search for the missing malaysian airline or the us navy ship that experts old one pot signals the stores and more
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than stomp on time. fan. i know. or to rei. those of you were watching around the world. it's monday it will set your soul. i need to have lunch on wednesday so much for joining us. we begin this evening on seoul's defence front the discovery of three drones in the less than a month which are most likely thought to be sent from the north and south korea on high alert defence ministry called for tighter vigilant against new threats defence ministry correspondent even been reports. key commanders from every branch of the military held an emergency meeting monday. this was the reason the patrician supplementary of vehicles. the pessimistic in loans and home of the meeting heard all the military to be at the ready for any threat of
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tongue out. kim emphasize that the three trials on the south korea recent days were for surveillance purposes. the war in the future once they'd use to carry out attacks. north korea has hundreds of amen area vehicles in its possession so there could very well be more found in south korea in the coming days and weeks. the south korean military says is well equipped to deal with an image of incursions and attack you the us. but as dad is much more difficult to take these types of units which are very small and soft seoul says it plans to produce low altitude radar and other military gadgetry to prevent further invitations. so strange uses that said it would take strong action to overcome yes violation of its airspace bell also mobilize units across the country the surfer of the groans of third row was done on the mountains from telkom province. i was deported to the military authorities last friday. initial investigations show that joan is the same model as the one that passed the puck too late
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last month it is a worry. as a south korean military failed to take these ones to the press on south korea's oil. the ministry says that the drums are confirmed to come from the north. who could come in clear violation of not only the korean armistice agreement. also of an international treatments for this climb over another country's airspace without prior notification. london. i don't dance. i was of south korea united states and japan will hold the meeting in washington on this monday a separate one on one between seoul and tokyo could also take place on the sidelines she's in it as deacons continually appointed south korean envoy to the six party talks in general is in the us capital for talks with its american and japanese counterparts on showing up countermeasures and preventive steps to deal with north korea's latest provocation. according to south korean officials on his
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schedule to meet with washington special envoy glyn davies and japanese foreign ministry director general j e t hideout on monday. speaking to reporters upon his arrival in washington on the set that also are designed to reaffirm ordination among the three nations in regards to further provocative acts by north korea. the south korean officials also thinking that there might be a chance for a bilateral meeting with tokens chief nuclear envoy something that didn't happen the last time the three countries met in this format last november if the meeting is held analysts like south korea's push for strengthening security partnership with japan despite a number of lysol territorial and historical disputes. qantas said it would be code i natural for the new clear on police and neighboring countries not to me. any top down might occur which center on the north korean nuclear threat and that's all i could not rule out the possibility that tongue and make good on its direct to contact me for
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a new contest at the united nations headquarters friday north korea's deputy ambassador to the un ego me and repeated the threat he said can only carry any new form of nuclear test to protect itself from the job last week she sent this card bent on wreaking change since then in imu. united states which has been navigating disputes between japan and china for decades now is in the latest one sticking up for tokyo to asian nations are in the middle of the diplomatic route first oracle and territorial issues of foreign affairs correspondent of funky report the united states has signed with japan in a dispute with china and that's brewing over historical and territorial and cheese and a biennial western pacific naval symposium next month and she did at the center stage china has invited all the competing nations to take part in an international fleet review critique and parade their chef with one
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exception japan. washington has said no american ships will sail and no japanese chefs do. this is not the first time the us has deemed running to the escalating diplomatic route between japan and china late last year china sparked a transcript of the upper part i be crying in her defense identification zone giving itself the right to identify and take military action against aircraft knew that japan controlled think of the island which is also claimed by china. washington to fight the chain by sending military planes into this alan unannounced. in another sign of support for a japan u s defense secretary chuck a film of those tokens crash or collective self defense by altering its war renouncing constitution. kato said sunday in tokyo at japan the strain of proactive role in contributing to global and the stalled peace and stability. whether he killed will address the fleet review
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in a sheet during his visit and eight and remained unclear that experts say china may not want japanese were shipped in its waters because of japan's occupation of china and during the second world war. i need to be told that south korea a country also mired in a diplomatic dispute with japan and tightening its fun to china. according to sources monday sells financial supervisory service covering their chastity and that his chinese counterpart in the gym last week and agreed to bolster financial cooperation. the past that to me and had maintained closer economic ties with japan chambers will also conduct a joint study of japan's wartime sexual and placement of when and in historical documents preserved in china he can use. for your gateway to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world
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breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more. enjoying a gunshot limit and ug head of the heart of salt brine tiny be done. well i had it on and on to the next general election. the national assembly trade finance minister cannot stop was hot seat as lawmakers grilled and the related string and a belief that the nation in recent months. political correspondent ian gill has more on the third day after column entry inter police and such. it was taking the public's personally from a shoe was on the top of the agenda during monday's assembly session. both ruling and main opposition party lawmakers asked whether proper measures had been taken the lead of three massive weeks of private data and this year alone including the nation's largest airport in january. finance officials assured us that secondary
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data leaks could not have been caught in march the three credit card firms confirmed that more than eighty three million cases of client data were leaked to a third party to twenty megabits. i give my sincere apologies to the people with a secondary data leaks did not include coins credit card customers for their cbc though it is impossible to forge a credit card without the two. he said the governor released in three measures in march the strength and data protection which include call someone a trio of boys fishing or species dad's find a contingency plans will be announced in the first half of the year. lawmakers from the opposition new politics alliance for democracy take a bath as the impact of regulation dr stated to read it undermined the economy there are good regulations and that regulations air regulations and need to be lifted to stimulate the economy. however
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oppression companies trying to do away with too many. he says. the government is trying to use gene regulation as a tool to stimulate the economy by promoting investment in creating jobs our objective is to have excessive red tape in a hinder business activity lawmakers also mentioned to chris laurie household debt problem which had a record nine hundred fifty built in us dollars as of the end of last year. i've been hearing the government said it is doing all they can to help low income debtors and the loan repayments from government funding programs cover some lawmakers demanded that the government advice more concrete measures to deal with combined debt held by households companies and government organizations snow again. add the onions thus it accounts for about seventy per cent of household assets in korea and the figure is setting off alarm bells as price cuts in the housing market can have a devastating impact in people's financial health and
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turned the economy. sometimes he can have this report the ratio of non financial assets to all assets in korean households is among the highest in the world statistics korea data shows that every show was over seventy percent last year far above the united states. real estate assets and particularly accounted for around fifty eight percent of those held by korean households down almost two percentage points from two thousand and twelve. that will ever represent the biggest chunk. experts see really see this person because it's a profitable and stable investment outlets. he also cautioned that an acid structure that we store heavily on property could have a devastating impact on household finances. a two hr issue of real estate assets are especially high among the elderly and when property prices go down they will have
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less money to spend for their years after retirement the experts that there is a high possibility venetians property prices will fall since korean households will likely start selling their real estate to secure a stable source of income after retirement he advised people to diversify their assets and make the best out of pension funds that allow people to secure loans based on the property they have mortgaged their identity overseas orders for south korea's industrial plant surge from a year earlier in the first three months of this year on the back of increased orders from africa and the middle east the trade ministry says overseas orders for the first quarter amounted to sixteen point eight billion us dollars. a spike of forty two percent from the same period last year. government efforts to make it easier for local firms to go bronze are getting the credit for
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the surge. the growth was especially pronounced in africa where orders jumped more than forty fold the government's goal is to boost annual overseas orders over seventy billion dollars this year for the first time ever. april seven marks the internet symbolic birthday and to look for two with the technology is has a breeze bringing dr moon's hometown professor of business at the korea advanced institute of science and technology will come professor minus two decades in sweat came out to make the impossible can you walk through that brief history of the internet. yes the internet was invented twenty five years ago and he was indeed too easy. who would like to put to use in twenty five years or what
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and if forced to twenty years he too has been two years. the room he smiled exposure can use the tees are the means to change policy quinn didn't eat homepage the mission to korea where by the. beijing idiotic. is that how we transitioned from an international is relatively close to one that he was globally accessible as we know now and on other functionalities that we take for granted. he didn't own it was a very difficult to use the approach and i think she'll be into it it is the same. it hasn't been changed for me. how do you see is different. and so from syracuse this. the look the fortunate thing turned out kind of say five g and the internet of things
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the idea that evil for a drive to future evolution of the internet itself. what are they and why we need to understand the difference between fuji and privacy you can think over pro four gb as always it has on the kindness and haste each get a pic and post. frenzy is over. one thousand dollars each. so this one hundred times the perps had me go. in wa. many more things you can achieve in the future. and many more things to be digitized in the future present for the press box you see them manage their anger parks the report says. he should remain. does it making their hearts. in this year and have prompted by jesus is to return. which i keep companies are setting the trends in the five g why
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he assumes initially. surah this because of the order the corio reinforced retorted peak in two thousand ha. pancreas and eight which is two dollars and twenty euro to focus on reporting so when companies and the judges components of radio two show to know our position as a force to move on and turns it up in the water must go with the facial we look out for when it comes to developing the higher t technologists ticket you can. i'm always in more than chess set. no aqua would interest. about the p five billion dollars. in a couple weeks. recently an end cool world premiere of mr the company reaching towards the room temperate interesting beating. and he is chewing. and who were also quite a bit awkward. this region more than one dollars
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as of today the opening scene is a kind of about three dimension of the screen about the size. and no ones he pours into reverse. here is what discipleship in front the case of billboards. i did spray. the hike was to come from a would take us. so that's the ideal to be the rta and then dove who were accused of more than to sit up and every other companies bit confused. i'm very anxious or hard part cool to me. ri wall professors did so much for joining us tonight. think of it. excited to check on some other stories making headlines on the global front of their poly at the new
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center. well it started with a hopeful sign in the search for the missing malaysia airliner with the latest with these pains. one disappears leading the search see they've come across are most promising me yet. an australian navy ship has detected using knows they're consistent with those emitted from aircraft lock boxes the timing is not on their side are connie came reports it could be the break in the spirit has been seeking out for one month now. your search for malaysia airlines flight three seventy two separate signals were detected by the australian vessel known as ocean shield over the weekend. clearly this is the most promising way. and probably in the senate side up. it's the it's probably the best information that we are packed. kiffin said the first signal picked up in the notion that lasted for about two and half hours and the second one for about thirty minutes. officials said the paintings were
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consistent with those committed by aircraft black boxes. while optimistic about the discovery. tuesday was quick to tamp down expectations. he said further confirmation was needed at the sounds were heard from a depth of forty five hundred meter is the search team plans to lower plinth and twenty one ocean shields underwater economists people once they can pinpoint a more exact location for the signal but officials say it'll take days to confirm whether the paintings were from the missing aircraft the most pressing issue now is time. the search to interdict thirty first day on monday and the batteries of the black box are feared to run out any day now. if they haven't already. they're currently twelve aircraft and fourteen ships taking part in search operations. the severe weather conditions in the south indian ocean are in the forecast. their job even more difficult. flight three seventeen caring two hundred thirty nine people is believed to have gone down in
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the indian ocean some time on march. honey can. i don't use moving on to the latest seen as civil unrest in ukraine's pro russian groups had taken over key government buildings in the eastern part of the country. in turn ukrainian president alexander church now has called emergency meeting of his security chiefs to deal with this fresh crisis and cancel the visit to lithuania police and pro russian protesters clash on sunday in three eastern ukrainian cities demanding a crummy us down referenda. thousands of demonstrators these regional government buildings chanting russia and raising russian plans. minogue kiev prime minister r c yet seen yet is accusing moscow of orchestrating the address as part of a plan to send troops across the border. an over now to india where the country has kicked off the world's largest collections. some eight hundred fifty million indians will be eligible to cast your votes for next month. that's one hundred more than during
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the last elections held in two thousand and nine the polls to elect members of the country's lower house of parliament will take place in nine days is the next five weeks. their first baby is already underway in the northeastern states of us on entry for ron paul's released sunday night show that the ruling congress party led by the interim gandhi dynasty is likely to take a hit or bring his prolonged economic slowdown meanwhile the bar rta should not trump party led by hindu nationalist leader narendra modi is for canceling the largest number of parliamentary seats. voting will continue through may twelve of the ballots will be completely counted on to make sixteen. and speaking of elections hungry just wrapped up their first time during prime minister viktor of oregon has declared victory in sunday's prone entry election winning a second consecutive term. with nearly all the ballots counted election officials have rejected or bounce ruling center right party would win over two hundred two thirds
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of the one hundred and ninety nine seats in parliament is what the rba they would do this was not just in awe of victory. we have scored such a comprehensive victory the significance of which we cannot yet fully grasp it tonight projections also saw the center left opposition alliance traveling with thirty nine seats on the far right your big party would take twenty five. there are several wicked international stories making headlines around the world. i'll see you back here tomorrow night the two prime time sports speed in check. it was always difficult for an athlete to retire from the sport they love. and after almost two decades. simon crean speed skater you can tell has officially hung up his skates up for good. it officially said that the sochi olympics
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with his last and how the ceremony and scored to make it official. he needed to six olympic games since nineteen ninety four the most for south korean but did not win a medal coming as close as sport that's for real in two thousand and six. he said despite not winning one. he was grateful for the opportunity and gained so much from it all. still he retires with four straight world title says wallace has inspired a new generation of students in korea and getting to the greens nineteen year old american alike c thompson beat out the field at the kraft nabisco championship or her first major way. she surged in the final round to end at fourteen under par three shots. michelle wie. the mall for them and matt jones won the shell houston open for his first pga victory earning himself a ticket to the master scored the opening on thursday this week. and take a look at formula one lewis hamilton took the chequered flag at
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the korean cloncurry four consecutive wins so for the season. mercedes teammate nico rosberg came in second yet again like at the malaysian gp putting on display. mercedes dominance in the first three races in twenty fourteen. meanwhile roster who won the opening race in the spray liao still has an eleven point beagle for hamilton on the overall standings. and over and the nba. kevin durand is having speaker rare for the ages. having just broken one of michael jordan's prolific scoring records in the oklahoma city thunder is one twenty two to one fifteen loss to the phoenix suns on sunday. the rent scored thirty points for his forty first consecutive game with more than twenty five points scored. now everything is clicking for the three time scoring champion who is now led his team to four straight division titles since two thousand and eleven. and ending off with a link or rather in england with premier league action liverpool has returned to
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the top of the standings after eight to one win over west ham on sunday. steven gerard steam successful penalties led the way and giving liverpool a two point lead over chelsea who crashed to stoke city reno on saturday. man city meanwhile is still in contention for the title as well. sitting just four points back with five fixtures remaining. and that's all i have for now this has been stated cent aussie back to twitter for more from the world of sports today was a mild spring day with clear skies which was a welcome relief after the cold snap we had over the weekend that's right from our left wing things ever try kimball down at the weather center the couch tv guide from the good news that tamara lake city and other moderates bring day but as for now i dry weather warning has been issued in some parts of the country including townsville province. keep in mind that the dry conditions
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and strong winds may lead to forced by the stairs look continued to rise leading to a warmer than it sees average whether to wind back and said this week that otherwise might result are forecast to fall from a nine zero sunday morning. apparently due to the high pressure fronts where seemed clear skies across the nation. on tuesday average daytime highs will take between eighteen to twenty four degrees though makes it is the path of spring as kind as barrett's rating of twelve tops out at ninety degrees blockade when you make it to admit when he's holding on to other regions taking peeks at eighteen degrees while ago and i've got reach the mid teens. at this hour but i'll be back in march after midnight. the option to broadcast on this money can be to install some trouble
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and thanks for watching force he said. you'll. i did that before. get the flu. we'll see. i'm against it. i know my kids. like the bike it up i'm employed. it is. the end
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